Grace notes

A grace note is a musical ornament, that is, a short note played just before a main one. It falls within the broad music-theoretic category of ornaments to which, for example, trills belong as well. In the musical score the duration of these notes is not indicated, their actual length is left to convention and the performer. They are not part of the metrical hierarchy, they are overlaid on the rhythmical structure, as one would expect of an ornament. There are different types of grace notes, depending on their musical context, the most important classes are appogiatura, so-called time-taking ornaments and acciaccatura, timeless ornaments

This study's goal is the inference of a typology of grace notes from the dependency of their timing on global tempo, the influence of their existence on perceived local tempo, and the structure of mental timekeepers that control their production as deduced from co-varying time intervals. The typology will be formalized as an object oriented decomposition of behavior and will be compared to the music theoretical constructs.

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